OAS Regular Program for Academic Scholarships (Graduate)

OAS Regular Program for Academic Scholarships (Graduate)OAS Academic Scholarships are awarded for full-time studies at a university or higher learning education institution in an OAS Member State with the exception of the applicant’s sponsoring country.

OAS Academic Scholarships are awarded to undertake graduate studies (Master’s or Doctorate degree) and/or graduate research leading to a degree at a university or higher learning education institution (Not Post-Doctorate) in an OAS Member State. Studies may be carried out onsite or online, or under a combination of both.

OAS Academic Scholarships are awarded for a maximum of two academic years. Scholarships are contingent upon the continued availability of funds, the good academic performance of the student during the first academic year, and the confirmation by the academic institution that the renewal period for the second year is necessary to conclude the program of study for which the scholarship was initially awarded.

Brief Overview:

  • Program name: Organization of American States (OAS) Regular Program for Academic Scholarships (Graduate)
  • Funding organization: Organization of American States (OAS)
  • Value: up to $30,000 per academic year;
  • Duration: 2 years;

Types of Academic Scholarships OAS Offers? (Graduate)

  1. Self-Placed in an OAS Non-Consortium University: Candidates apply directly for admission to the universities or educational institutions of their choice, and present their application for an OAS Scholarship. Only 1 candidate per country will be awarded with this type of scholarship.
  2. Self-Placed in an OAS Consortium University: Candidates apply directly to up to three programs in different universities, part of the OAS Consortium University, located in three different countries. Applying to this type of scholarship increases the applicant’s chances of being offered an OAS scholarship.

Note: Considering that no Member State may receive in its universities more than 40% of the total number of scholarship recipients for graduate studies, Self-Placed candidates in an OAS Consortium University, must consider at least two different countries of study on their applications. The OAS will reserve its rights to select a country of study for selected candidates.


Applicant must:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of an OAS Member State.
  • Have obtained a university degree by the time they submit their scholarship applications to their National Liaison Offices (ONE).
  • Be in good physical and mental health to complete the program successfully.
  • Maintain GPA above the minimum standard requirement by the university.

Documents list

  • Online Application Form
  • Copy of the diploma for the highest degree obtained.
  • Copies of transcripts of grades for all academic degrees completed and to be completed. (If the applicant is currently enrolled in a program of study, he/she will need to submit the current transcript).
  • Three (3) recommendation letters: Preferably 2 different from current or former professors using the OAS Recommendation Statement Form, and 1 from a current or previous employer using the Employer Recommendation Form. If unemployed or never employed, obtain a third recommendation using the Recommendation Statement Form. Recommendation letters cannot come from relatives of the applicant.
  • Curriculum Vitae (must not exceed 4 pages).

For more info check http://www.oas.org/en/scholarships/regular_program.asp