International Scholarships in Canada

For the last 5 years, Canada became one of the most popular destinations for students, researchers and progressive youth all over the world. They try to be involved in one of the world best educational system which is not cheap but provide a variety of grants and scholarships for really talented applicants and students.

Our site is devoted to review and compare the best scholarship programs in Canada which can be divided into Governmental (guaranteed by the Canadian Government), Private and University-specific. We review undergraduate and graduate scholarships, special fellowships and grants in different fields of study.

What kind of information can you find here?

In our reviews, we try to give you such facts about scholarship programs:

  • eligibility, who can apply;
  • host institutions;
  • the application process, how to apply;
  • scholarship value and duration, payment procedures;
  • level and fields of study;
  • main dates of scholarship programs, documents needed lists;
  • selection process and other helpful information

Why read scholarships reviews at

Firstly, our articles are based on the official resources such as The Government of CanadaCouncil of Ministers of Education, Official Universities’ websites.

What is more, we try to keep our reviews up-to-date so you may be sure that all the data at is actual. We analyse and describe not only well-known general facts about scholarships and grants but also describe real practical steps to apply for scholarships and give application guidelines based on real students’ experience.

You may enhance our articles with your own opinions and stories, share your experience in scholarship application process and give an advice for further applicants.

Find scholarships by the field of study:

Business and Economics, Health and Medicine, Law and Jurisprudence, Education, Engineering, Natural SciencesSocial Sciences.