Ali Raza Khan (2004 - 2005)


Ali Raza Khan

Ali is the CEO and President of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan and is implementing his projects in underprivileged rural areas all over the country. He has played a pioneer role in designing and implementing first-ever nation wide sexual reproductive health and civic engagement programs for under-served and vulnerable young people in rural areas of Pakistan. He has developed modules and materials to mobilize and involve the young people of his country to constructive action and set up many small youth groups throughout Pakistan for collective and self-help actions.

A native of Lahore, Pakistan, where he earned his BA and Masters in Political Science focusing on Development Politics, Ali also participated in communication courses at Johns Hopkins University, USA.

Founder and Director of Pakistan National Youth Service, Ali has a lifelong devotion to empowering every young person in Pakistan to make significant contributions to their own lives and to the revitalization of their communities. His guiding principle: "Action without vision is pointless, vision without action is fruitless; combined, it could lead to great things." His checklist for change includes "developing the confidence, skills and clear action" to empower youth and achieve results.

Ali has a very innovative, pro-active and integrative approach to youth training and involvement as a way to meet the high service needs of society and head off violence, crime and terrorism. Johns Hopkins, The Asia Foundation and UNICEF, among others, have funded his projects, and he has won numerous awards worldwide. He has traveled widely and participated in many international programs and activities. His vision is "Youth as the solution, not as the problem."

As a student, he was named Captain of Government College Lahore and best cricket player of the University of the Punjab. Ali speaks English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.


In December 2012, Ali gave a TED talk at TEDxFCCollege, an event organized by Forman Christian College, Lahore, Pakistan under the theme of Innovation- Harnessing the Hidden Revolution, in which he identifies Youth Disengagement as the greatest problem facing the world today. He offers solutions based on his experience as a widely recognized proven social entrepreneur, motivational speaker and trainer whose passion is to promote youth as a solution in the society. More about the TEDxFCCollege event and Ali

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“Leaders must dream of changing the world.

They must have an inspired vision of the changes they want to make and be prepared to consecrate all
their energy to that purpose. A capacity to communicate their objectives is indispensable to sustain
the enthusiasm of their collaborators and their perseverance in action.”
— The Right Honourable Jeanne Sauvé, Opening Speech to the National Conference for Young Leaders, June 2-8, 1991