Canada – ‘vast’, ‘resource rich’, ‘middle power’, ‘modest’, generally comfortable (weather aside), peaceful, and reliable country that sometimes seems to suffer from an inferiority complex vis à vis its great (although smaller in terms of land mass) neighbor to the South. But this is only part of the picture. The history of Canada is filled with adventure, exploration, the conquest of difficult terrain and conditions. The nation today reflects the fortitude of its founders, the rich diversity of its immigrants and the opportunities afforded to all by a stable parliamentary democracy.

Multicultural, multilingual Canada is filled with contrasts: quaint seaside villages, thriving cities, traditional hunting grounds, peaceful lakes and streams, nuclear power stations, sprawling ‘techno-parks’ focused on aviation and aerospace, life sciences and information technologies. Canadians have produced over one million patents - the electric light bulb, IMAX, the zipper, the cardiac pacemaker, the Canadarm and the Blackberry are only a sample.

The importance of Canada’s role in international affairs has been equally creative and far exceeds the size of its population. A founding member of the UN; signatory to countless international treaties and conventions; principal promoter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through the efforts of McGill Law Professor John Humphrey; originator of the concept of the UN peacekeeping forces, championed by Lester B. Pearson; and leading advocates of the principle of the Responsibility to Protect.

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“Leaders must dream of changing the world.

They must have an inspired vision of the changes they want to make and be prepared to consecrate all
their energy to that purpose. A capacity to communicate their objectives is indispensable to sustain
the enthusiasm of their collaborators and their perseverance in action.”
— The Right Honourable Jeanne Sauvé, Opening Speech to the National Conference for Young Leaders, June 2-8, 1991